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Ecological Garden Designs
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Back to Nature - Ecological Garden PlanBack to Nature - Ecological Garden PlanNot only does this ecological garden plan welcome nature, but the pattern of the pathways also utilizes the longest possible axis of this garden. Focal Points have been placed at 45 degree angles to create a very exciting and bold layout. This layout enables you to have a better view of the garden and appreciate the wildlife. If is low maintenance as ground covers have been used instead of grass for the lawn.
Buddies Butterfly Garden PlanBuddies Butterfly Garden PlanBuddies Butterfly garden plan not only attracts birds and butterflies, but it is also very pleasing to the eye. The curved paving blends in beautifully with the colorful flower beds. A musical fountain creates a lovely focal point in the entrance, which is after all an integral part of your home - where you receive your guests.

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