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Four Seasons Oriental - Japanese Garden Design

Four Seasons Oriental - Japanese Garden Design

Four Seasons Oriental - Japanese Garden Design
Artistic Impression from Back DoorArtistic Impression of Island GazeboPortion of High-Detailed Garden Plan
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This Oriental garden has been designed to blend in with nature. Oriental gardens are used for meditation and relaxation. Every single portion of this garden has symbolic meaning. E.g. the cranes symbolize longevity. The plan material has been carefully selected to represent the four seasons of our lives. The lanterns have been placed so as to light up the pathways at night. Rocks, all hand-selected are placed in well-thought positions to represent boats sailing to paradise island, the heaven rock and other important symbols.

The red and black colors in the Oriental garden are symbolic of good luck. Red upturned roofs symbolize the Phoenix in flight. There are many amazing features in this garden, with many more yet to be discovered in the actual design. This garden is also well-balanced according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Garden Features

  • Deep Symbolism
  • Looks good all year round
  • Partial Nightscaping Design
  • Feng Shui Principles applied
  • Red and Black Theme
  • Meditation Gazebo Island
  • Ecological Reflection Pond
  • Secluded Forest Pathway
  • Gravel Raking for Relaxation

What you Get

  • Professional High Definition Design (Resolution: 6900 x 9500; Printable to A2)
  • Artistic Impressions of the Entire Garden
  • Customization Instructions: how to customize the design to your garden.
  • Installation Instructions: tips and information on how to install the garden.

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