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Adventulove - Informal Garden Design

Adventulove is an informal garden plan dedicated to adventurous love. The front garden uses a red brick path that curves, symbolizing the waves in a relationship as your journey together begins. The front beds are also shaped like hearts naturally representing love. As you come out of the back door there is an arched bridge to walk over, these bridges represent the ups and downs we go through in love.

The bridges then takes you onto a heart shaped patch of lawn, there are two heart shaped lawn patches, one stepping up overlapping the other, this represents two hearts becoming one. The step up also representing the level that you climb within love to unite your hearts. The fountain represents the life and newness of falling in love, and also the renewing of love. Water from the fountain flows into a stream surrounding the hearts linking them together. All the wooden items in this garden have been designed to be made out of a red type of wood.

Garden Features

  • Informal garden style
  • Design dedicated to love and romance
  • Front and back yard garden plans included
  • Secret lovers bench
  • Love tunnel
  • Gazebo for dancing under the moonlight
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