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Free Backyard Landscape Design
Download your free backyard landscape design. With all our information and guidance the adaptation of the garden design will be a breeze. Tips on landscaping your garden plan are all over our site. We have made it easy for you.

Visit our garden plans plans page for an overview our range of free downloadable garden designs, or read our site to learn how to do your own garden design.

This garden is designed for a hot climate. It has made extensive use of the plants growing in the area. To adapt the front yard landscape design to your area you should replace the plants on the plant list according to your area. That is the fun part of doing it yourself. You can include all your favorite plants.

Backyard Garden Design

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The Area and Site

The house is situated in an beautiful mountainous area. This home blends in well with its surrounding environment. The ground has a slight slope to it (good for drainage). Services on this site include municipal services, irrigation system, sewage pipes and sanitation. Electricity had to be installed for the garden lighting.

Backyard Landscape Design Description

The shape of the back garden design links with the architecture of the house. It garden design contains three focal points, a bench, a water feature and a wagon. Our custom made wagon is positioned on a rocky outcrop. The outcrop has been planted up with Protasparagus densiflorus.

A common coral tree we planted behind the wagon provides a canopy. This purposefully gives emphasis of the rising of the sun at daybreak. An ornamental bag full of corn, 1 rooster, 1 hen and three chicks are placed on the back of the wagon. This adds to the humor and shows attention to detail in the design. It also helps to introduce the pioneer theme.

The focal point is lit up at night with soft gentle lights. Two Celtis sinensis trees frame the wagon. Similar plants are placed around the garden to create unity, rhythm and balance.

A barbeque area provides for great entertainment opportunities. This backyard landscape design is part of a larger garden design.

The complete garden design includes a backyard garden design plan, a front yard design plan and a courtyard design plan.

Download the Backyard Garden Design

You can download the backyard landscape design and plant list:

Backyard Garden Design Picture (85K)
Backyard Plant List (76K)

Once the image loads, just right click on it and "Save Image As" or "Save a Copy" for the PDF files.

You can also download the complete garden landscape (173K).

We have included many free designs on our website including this backyard landscape design. All the free garden designs on our website, including this garden design, may be copied free for your use, in your home garden. You may not use any of our designs or parts thereof, for any commercial purposes.

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