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Container Gardening Tips to Keep Healthy Plants
Here are important container gardening tips to teach you how to plant a container. Don’t overlook these important items when planting your container. Always plant your containers this way. It will make your plants grow healthy and strong, and bring out their true beauty.

Always apply the design goals and principles for both temporary and permanent plantings. Prepare properly before you start designing the permanent planting of the container. Decide on which plants you are going to plant. Then find out what the soil and other requirements for those plants are.

Container Gardening Tips One of the most important container gardening tips is to only use perfect and clean containers. Cracks are the breeding ground for diseases. The container should also have drainage holes at the bottom of the container. Put down a layer of crocks or broken pots over the drainage holes.

Spread a thin layer of small stones approximately 2 to 4cm thick over the crocks. This will ensures good drainage and help prevents root rot.

Now place peat or leaf mould over the top of the gravel (approximately 3 cm thick). This also assists in the drainage and will hold the compost in place.

Next, add the compost or potting soil. Fill your container to approximately 5 cm from the top of the rim. Water the compost or soil, and let it drain for a few hours.

Water the plants that you will be planting as well, and let them drain.

Transfer your plants into the container. Arrange them as you have designed. Dig the holes for the plants and set them one at a time. After planting, firm up the compost around the plants roots. This will ensure that the roots are in proper contact with the new soil.

Mulch the whole of the top of the soils surface. This is essential to lock the moisture. After all this is done, water the container once again thoroughly using a fine rose sprayer. Don’t ever let the container dry out.

A Few Last Container Gardening Tips

Make sure you use compost or potting soil specifically suited for the type of plants you want to plant.

Plant the plants at the same height as they were in their previous pot. If you plant them in too shallow, they could fall over and some hair roots may be exposed and damaged. If you set them in too deep, they will suffocate and die.

Do the mulching using, gravel, bark pieces or stones. Here is an opportunity for you to add your own personal taste. For example decorate the soil with semiprecious stones, or your favorite color marbles, etc. Use things that will bring out the beauty of your container and the plants!

Check often on your plants to see if they have become root bound. If roots start popping out of the containers drainage holes, replant them in a much larger container. Just imagine how your feet would hurt when your shoes are too small!

Your plants will now be happy! Always take good care of them!

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