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Landscaping Ideas and Cottage Garden Design
Spark your cottage garden design creative buds for by using our landscaping ideas. We have included the key elements for your successful cottage landscape design. We have also revealed some gardening tips. These elements will ensure that your garden remains spectacular all year round.


Red Tulip This cottage garden forms part of the formal garden style. This means that the garden must be balanced on either side of the central garden line. A cottage garden normally contains culinary herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit.

Cottage Garden Design Basic Elements

Basic design

Balance is essential. Remember to always balance the volume of plants and materials on either side of your balance line. Ensure that your rhythm, features and color are flowing. Add that extra emphasis to your main focal point. This can create drama.

Remember to have harmony in your design. The house and garden sould be incorporated to form one complete unit. For a complete overview on the design principles visit our garden design page.


Some cottage gardens have a long central pathway leading up to the front door. It is should be used as the balance line in the garden. The materials and plant used on each side of the path needs to be balance. The garden gate is used to help set the theme for your cottage garden.

Plant Thyme in between the gaps in the pathway paving. Any fragrant ground cover gives off a beautiful fragrance when stepped on.

Border Plants

Mixed Border Plants Different plantings of herbs and vegetables should be grown on each side of the pathway. Plant pretty flowers to brighten up the herbs selected. Companion planting should be used e.g. marigolds between the herbs, will keep the insects at bay.

Parsley and chives may be used as edging for your beds. The difference in leaf texture will add interest to your garden flowers Remember that seasonal plants are also important in a cottage garden. Bulbs will brighten up the garden in spring.

Just one thing, don’t forget the roses! Chives also do well under roses. They repel the insects. Roses will also look better when contrasting and blending the flowers. Silver and grey foliage can be used to enhance roses.

Shrubs and Trees

Blossoms Two fruit trees can be added to the cottage garden design. They will need careful pruning each year.

Where space is very limited, fruit trees could be grown into a fan shape or an espalia. Just think about apples, pears, peaches, apricots, sweet cherries, figs, gooseberries, etc.

Plant rue under the fruit trees. Rue helps to stop insects from eating your fruit. Rue lets out a smell that deters insects. Spraying is always the last resort.

Shrubs that vary in color during the autumn, can add interest to your garden during seasonal changes.

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