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Courtyard Garden Design Revealed
Facelift your courtyard. Our courtyard garden design gives a bright new perspective to courtyards. Make use of and adapt our garden plans. Begin by downloading our free courtyard garden design found on this page.

Visit our garden plans page or view the complete range of downloadable garden designs, or learn how to do it yourself design.

Here is a functional courtyard garden plan. You can Adapt the garden plan by rearranging the functional areas and the plants. Also change the plant list provided to include your favorite plants. This is quite simple to do. Just visit our garden design page for all the guidance and help you may need.

Courtyard Garden Design

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The Site And Area

The house is situated in a gorgeous mountainous area. The home blends in well with its surrounding environment. The front entrance is next to the courtyard. This drawback has been overcome by turning the courtyard into a multifunctional area, including a focal point for your visitors!

Courtyard Garden Design Described

An interesting site meets you as you walk toward the front door. O you guessed! It is part of the courtyard garden.

The courtyard garden has been subdivided. The courtyard and entrance are subdivided by a unique glass wall. Through the glass you can see a planter containing a mixed planting of various plants. The plants screen of the view to the courtyard. These plants are lit up at night. This has creates a dramatic ambience.

A trellis entrance, is covered in creepers of Combretum bracteosum leads you through the courtyard garden. The first functional area of our courtyard is a table and chairs. This is a fresh outdoor dinning area. The shape of the table echo’s and matches the shape of the flower box.

A second entrance leads you into the next section of the garden. A circular washing line has been placed in the centre of the paving. The paving has a wagon wheel motive to link in with the overall theme of the garden.

Matching containers are placed at the appropriate places. They include identical planting.

The final division of the courtyard garden design includes a vegetable garden design. The vegetable garden has been placed next to the scullery for easy access. It includes functional passage down the centre.

Two matching large containers are well positioned in the free corners. This softens the corners and makes the cosier atmosphere.

This courtyard garden design forms an important part of a larger landscape design. The complete design incorporates a backyard design plan, a front yard design plan and a courtyard design plan.

Download the Courtyard Design

Download the complete courtyard garden design picture and plant list:

Courtyard Garden Design Picture (63K)
Courtyard Plant List (76K)

Once the image loads, just right click on it and "Save Image As" or "Save a Copy" for the PDF files.

You can also download the complete garden landscape (173K).

All the free gardens on our website, including this garden design, may be copied free for your own use, in your home garden. You may not use any of our designs or parts thereof, for commercial purposes.

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