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Creative Thinking and Garden Design
Creative thinking is critical for good garden design. Identify and remove any blocks to your creative thinking. Developing flexibility to your thinking will generate fantastic landscaping ideas.

Sounds like a mouthful, but sometimes you just can’t get your grey matter going. Don’t despair; there are techniques that can help you. So, come on, unlock your creative side.

You will really need to start thinking creatively after deciding on a garden style and landscaping ideas. It is essential to review the basic garden design principles. The mechanics of your brain are categorized into two parts. Right brain (or left handed) thinking involves your brains artistic capabilities (expressions of landscape is an art, with meaning and language). Left brain (or right handed) thinking relates to solving problems.

Tulip Picture Ambidextrous thinking (whole brain knowing) is the ability to think using both modes. This combined mode of thinking helps you design creatively. You will need to develop flexibility in your thinking to design fluently, efficiently and creatively. A flexible thinker thinks in all three spheres i.e. visual, verbal and analytical.

Have you unblocked your colorful side yet? If not, you are experiencing a creative designing block? There are various kinds of mental blocks:

Perceptual Block

Perceptual block stops you from perceiving either the problem or the info necessary to solve the problem. Try using some of your other sensory stimuli in addition to your visual.

Are you aware of problems? Are you able to solve them? Have you limiting one or two of your design goals of flexibility or all of them? Take all the goals and principles into consideration when designing.

Emotional Block

Fear of failure makes an emotional block. Don’t be judgemental, rather generate ideas. Be curious; cultivate your appetite be fun filled, colorful, pleasant and have bold ideas.

Cultural Block

Rules on social conduct cause cultural block. Try to work around them. You will need to remove this block to design creatively. Develop attributes of playfulness, humor, intuition, fantasy, reflection, feeling, pleasure, desire for change etc. Get rid of the cultural taboo that “society will impose”.

Environmental Block

This block will include physical disruptions i.e. noise, glare etc. Find a comfortable spot, listen to your favorite music, do everything necessary to get into that mood where there is no distraction.

Intellectual Blocks

These blocks include:

  • An ineffective communication of ideas
  • An inability to move freely between forms
  • An ineffective or inappropriate thinking process
Expressive Blocks

Inadequate graphic and verbal communication skills can lead to an expressive block.

Try to get rid of the above blocks, and you will be well on your way to great designs. Express your creative manner. Anything and everything goes. Draw pattern after pattern until you find the one that appeals to you. Get additional help for your creative thinking.

Get Inspiration for your Creative Thinking

Take a look at our plant and flower pictures library with free high resolution downloads. Get the name and the picture of a flower or plant. Pictures can provide great inspiration for artists and garden design. One last thing, believe in yourself.

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