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Get a Classic English Formal Garden
Enhance your country home with an English formal garden. Learn the essential elements for the New England Geometry. Make use of our landscaping ideas to design your own formal English garden.

Just spark your creative bud for a garden design. We do explain the key elements in any successful landscape design. Become garden wise with all our gardening tips.

English Formal Garden

Formal Style

The New England Geometry is a formal styled garden. It comes from the 17 th century England.

The garden is always viewed from above. Everything has been balanced on either side of the central line of the garden. A focal point is placed in the centre or end of the central line.

Elements of English Formal Garden Design

Basic design

Balance is always critical. Balance your volume of plants and your other materials on either side of the balance line. Make sure that your rhythm, features and color flow. Add additional emphasis to your focal point. This will create drama.

Remember to incorporate unity in to the design. The garden should link up with the house. The house is normally an old country style home. The complete overview of all the design principles are contained on our garden design page.


The English formal garden will have gravel on its paths instead of grass. Ground covers are generally planted in the parterre section (curved hedge patterns) instead of annuals. This will reduce the work load.


The New England Geometry designs will have an American adaptation. The garden will have an open wooden picket fence. This introduces the garden.

Focal Point

A topiary forms the main focal point. This is in the centre of your garden. The garden is normally free of any form of sculpture. A sculpture could be added as the focal point. This is an exception rather than the rule.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs spill onto the loosely trimmed bed edges. This makes the garden appear informally formal.

Human Comfort

A bench could be placed at the one end of the garden. This can be “balanced” by placing another bench on the other end of the garden. This is all personal taste.


The scale of the garden is always important. For example a small garden will need small plants and shrubs.

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