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Flower Garden Plans

Free flower garden plans provide you with a solution to your landscaping but fail in a few very important aspects of garden design. Learn how a professional design is a cheaper option. Free flower garden plans do provide you with a plan. However, do they suit your house style and garden size? Do they suit your climate? Are the plant lists compatible with your requirements? Who will you go to when a problem arises? Do you even know what the garden will look like when it is installed? In answering these questions, you have probably stumbled upon the problem with free flower garden plans. There are just too many unanswered questions. A flower garden plan that does not comply with all your requirements could lead to costly alterations later to rectify poor design. - Some plants do not survive transplanting.

* Hard Landscaping is very expensive to demolish and rebuild

* Improper positioning of garden features will impact on zoning and best use of your space.

* Unsafe gardens could lead to expensive public liability.

Free flower garden plan will not maximise the value of your home. It will always look inferior to a professionally landscaped garden. In some cases it can detract from the impact your home and garden have on visitors. According to a MONEY Magazine story on home renovations, “not all improvements will increase the value of a house by the amount they cost to perform.” Landscaping, however, according to their research, has a recovery value of 100% to 200% “if it is well done and harmonizes with foliage nearby.” A professional design can increase your home value by up to 20%! And so you may think: "Professional Designs are just too expensive!" Think Again! offer the perfect solution for DIY Professional Designs for a fraction of the price you expect. A solution that leaves no questions unanswered. A Professional Garden Design takes between 16 and 40 hours to complete. Why provide a professional design for so little? Answer revealed shortly! What is the Solution? A step-by-step approach that provides you with all the resources you need and guides you through all the important considerations. By doing a lot of the work yourself, you don't need to pay all the professional fees that you would expect. Professional Designers spend many hours getting to know your home, neighborhood and preferences. Time is Money! So why pay for something that you know better than anyone else ever could?

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