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A Formal Garden Design Makes your Home Stately
A formal garden design creates a feel of perfection. This garden style is ideal for an executive. It creates a balanced feel. Use our expertise to convey your personality into your formal garden design.

Formal gardens are definitely one of our favorites. They are just beautiful, neat and visually pleasing due to there architectural concept. Formal gardens are low maintenance. A well planned formal garden will require minimal effort.

Formal Garden Design

The Formal Gardens' Characteristics

A formal garden is easily recognized by:

  • Perfectly mirrored symmetry (both sides identical)
  • Clipped Hedges
  • Furniture is classic
  • Everything balanced perfectly and in proportion
  • Right angled geometry is prevalent.
  • Formal pools, usually rectangular
  • Hedged vistas are punctuated with an accessory
  • Boundaries are stone balustrade or wrought iron
  • Some plants are in matching tubs

Formal Design Garden Features

Designing a formal garden loads of fun! Just design one half of the garden, and simply copy it to the other side. Mirror image!

Our Garden Design page contains all the help you will need to design a garden. If you lack confidence, go and have a quick look.

To start the design, just divide the garden up into rooms. Sort of like your house is divided up. You should work outward from the doors and windows of the house. Utilize all the space correctly. Keep the scale and proportions up.

Accumulate an even number of shrubs, trees and plantings to achieve balance. Make a path way on the central axis. This will link the house to the garden. This path also creates strong symmetry. Symmetry can also be achieved by using sculptures, pots, topiary plant, or other identical materials.

The use of perspective is also very interesting in a formal garden design. Colors may be used to achieve this perspective. Plant your bright colors in the front and blues and grays further away. This is called an aerial perspective.

Another simple formula is just to have two ‘parallel’ lines converge in the distance. You accomplish this by physically designing the distance between the lines closer together on the far side of the garden. There are a few other tricks to achieve perspective, allow your imagination to run wild!

Patterns echo the theme in the design, the architecture of the house and landscaping. They do look beautiful when viewed from above. Make use of different plants to give the pattern a stronger backbone.

Annuals using harmonizing colors bring patterns to life. Colors may be switched inside a pattern for added variety. Patterns can also be created by planting hedges in circular, triangular or square shapes.

The patterns may form plant boxes or remain in a straight line. Patterns will add visual appeal to any formal design. Formal gardens give the impression of being very grand when designed correctly.

Here are just a few formal garden design tips. Pathways are should be made of gravel. Floral content is kept to a minimal, as you are relying on different shades of green. Pots and containers are generally square in shape. Floor patterns are normally very strong.

Remember this last important practical tip. Keep your gravel in the paths by a suitable means, e.g. brick edge. Place a plastic ground sheet (with drainage holes) in the pathway before laying the gravel. This will stop it from becoming muddy in wet weather. Your gravel should be at least 50 mm (2 in) thick.

But, personal taste does matters at the end of the day. The garden should be made to reflect the personality of the owner so have fun, but don’t forget the golden rules for formal garden design:

  • Geometry
  • Perspective
  • Pattern
  • Balance
  • Vista, e.g. a long narrow view or pathway leading to a focal point
  • Symmetry (mirror image)
  • Linkage

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