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Landscape Design to remodel your Garden
Free landscape design examples of professional gardens are now available to download. We have landscaped some adaptations of our show gardens for some of our clients. Copy and adapt this free landscape design to suit your garden. Visit our garden plans page for an overview of the range of downloadable garden designs, or learn to do your own garden design.

The style of the home is Moorish. The interior of the home and colors on the walls have been color coded. This garden is a continuation of the home. It has created a feeling of being in when you are actually outside, and of being out when in fact inside. The existing garden has been cleared out to make space for this garden.

Garden Pathway Design

The Owners

The family which occupies this home have children. They often invite friends over. Large turf areas have been planted to accommodate their needs. The pond areas are safe for their children.

Free Landscape Design Described

The name of this garden is Pumpernickles Picnic Garden. It is fully utilized by a fun loving family. The large bold curves have added unity, harmony and the right flow to the garden. The shape of the paving, swimming pool, pond and bold curves of the garden has all linked up together.

There are enough focal points to stimulate visual interest. Fresh healthful living is provided for by the all season herb and vegetable garden.

A bridge on a winding curved path is an additional interesting feature of this free landscape design. It adds to the interest as the path leads to a silver birch forest. Fairy Primrose and different shades of lavender have been planted in between the trees of the forest.

A bench provides the human comfort element in the forest. Additional benches are located in other various parts of their garden.

The garden has been divided up into different sectors (known as rooms). The whole garden is therefore not viewable at the same time. It provides the visitor with surprises and a form of anticipation and excitement as they wander through out the garden.

Patterns have been created using the different plant materials. They have been placed together into the required water zoning areas. Patterns have been repeated creating rhythm, harmony and visual unity.

Click to download the complete free landscape design and plant list . The picture file size is 194 kB and could require some time to download. Click on the link and "select save as.." and save it to your PC.

Download Free Landscape Design

Click to download the free landscape design and plant list:

Garden Design Picture (194K)
Design Plant List (31K)

Once the image loads, just right click on it and "Save Image As" or "Save a Copy" for the PDF files.

All the free gardens on our website, including this garden design, may be copied free for your own use, in your home garden. You may not use any of our designs or parts thereof, for commercial purposes.

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