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Choosing Garden Design Themes and Styles
Choose garden design themes and styles that suit your designs. A number of factors can influence your suitability of a theme.

A garden design style can be a characteristic way in which a garden is designed. Examples of various styles include; Formal garden, Japanese garden, Cottage garden, etc.

Mixed Border A theme is your gardens topic, for example roses, white and pink, water wise, etc. For each style of garden, you may select a variety of themes to make it more personal.

This is awesome! First select a style that will give structure to your garden. Then choose your theme. Then you will be set to design gardens. It is a great idea to first choose a suitable theme and then work around it. The theme must be an extension of the theme you have chosen inside your home. This will create the all important link between your home and garden.

The theme can be influenced by:

  • The Climate conditions in your area
  • The house architecture and style
  • The scale and space
  • Surrounding gardens
  • Your personal likes and dislikes
  • Your family needs and requirements
There are so many themes. The only limit is your own imagination. Remember that not all themes will fit in with every style. For example, a rose theme will not fit into a tropical garden style.

Here is a short list of garden design themes:

  • Secret
  • Green
  • Fragrant
  • Classic
  • Garden of contemplation
  • Enchanted
  • Garden for nature
  • Roses
Well that is not so difficult.

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