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Ideas for Garden Landscaping Design, and Future Trends
Times have never been so exciting for garden landscaping design. There is an explosion of knowledge in every area. With world progressing so quickly, there has been such a vast expansion of technology. It is truly an information age.

To mention just a few of the many precious and invaluable discoveries, we have motor vehicles, steels, glass, plastics, fibre optics, fibre glass, artificial fog, metals, neon, abstract art and conceptual art. These have a positive impact in our landscaping ideas. Many of our garden design ideas have also been stemmed from films and attractive architecture.

South African Protea

Looking beyond the obvious for new age Garden Landscaping Ideas

People are now expressing themselves in so many new dimensions in life. The art of science allows designers to create functionally active, balanced and aesthetically pleasing works of art. The freedom to think, creatively and diversely has been let loose.

Look out World! Take off those blinkers; you’re in for a fantastic and interesting treat. Our future garden landscape designs are better than anything the world has ever seen before.

Top world-class garden designers have set very high standard. Many other designers try to imitate or to out do them. There is lots of competition and everyone keeps on trying to improve on their garden designs. Healthy competition has produced higher quality designs, which in turn has increased true talent on a superb level of excellence.

By applying all the garden design principles, elements and goals, the progress we have made can only progress from here and become more unique and rewarding. It is only possible to carry on achieving all of this as we emulate the Great and Master Designer of the entire World itself. We must imitate the beautiful and exquisite nature all around us in our garden landscaping designs. Nature can provide us with endless landscaping ideas.

Moss-Covered Rocks Because of the busy lifestyles that most people lead, many of them escape to their gardens, for peace and upliftment. There every thing is care free. They experience the soothing, calming effect that only nature has to offer them. Many enjoy a garden landscaping design that has been created and copied from nature which has a specific theme linking their homes to their gardens.

In the future, the in-doors and out-doors will be linked. As architecture becomes more modern, gardens will also become more modern, with a longing for nature and an in-born awakening of the beauty of the creation.

Time has put us in an information age. We know the latest garden landscaping design trends. It is very inspiring to come in to contact with talented, imaginative, and innovative designers and feel of there energy, beauty and spirit of the gardens that they have created. This is also the case with the internationally famous Chelsea Flower Show of Britain; this show is regarded by many as being the showcase for future trends. Their dynamic garden show spans the globe, the centuries and the generations. There the vibrant garden designer is at the forefront of gardening trends.

Many other designers have tried to imitate these top garden designers with their own garden landscaping designs. Many Nurseries have also tried to catch the spirit of Chelsea with their own beautiful show gardens. Who knows what Chelsea will dictate to us in the future? Who will follow in their footsteps? Only time and the future will tell.

Physical Comfort

Because we have copy nature in many of our garden designs, environmental protection in all its different degrees and forms must be addressed in the future. Canopies, sleepers and steps, etc., all fall within the ‘human comfort range’. The law has dictated this and so do we. We are all to aware of the thinning ozone and should adapt our homes, furniture, and everything else that we use to compensate.

Ferns in a Rain Forest

Natural ferns can be used to inspire a tropical garden landscaping idea

Modern shelters, umbrellas, trees and all types of plant species can also be designed to blend in with our surroundings. These once introduced will continue to work toward trying to save our planet. In the process, we can feel comfortable and content.

We also have many machines of various types, irrigation systems and water wise advice for different types of plants. New thing are also continually been discovered for example, the weed eater, garden vacuum cleaner, shredder, and many other conveniences for Grounds Maintenance Every one will be able help us to keep a well cared for, low maintenance garden. This is great as much time is saved.

Knowledge and all available information, new trends and ideas will allow us to plan ahead. This will guide us to the choice of the size, plant selection and materials for our garden landscaping designs for the future. It takes about eight years for a garden to establish itself.


We must design in such a way as to keep all of the goals, the design principles and elements in mind. In order to be able to live with a garden design it should be workable. Future gardens must be well planned. People have become more organised and their personalities should be reflected in their work, homes and gardens. Their gardens should be accessible as this can be their havens from the storms of life. As we live in an instant world, ‘let’s make it easy’, has become one of our mottos for garden landscaping design.


Mountain Path

What lies around the corner for the future garden landscaping designs?

Many of the homes in the future will be private. People will need space and time to catch their breaths. Future homes and gardens should be built for relaxation and entertainment. Homes and gardens would ideally have some sort of screening.

Fantastic, new materials can also be introduced to add wonder and beauty to future garden landscaping designs. Many new styles and designs using various materials, besides screenings, were also viewed at Chelsea.


Trends change, fashions will come and go, and new owners will appear on the scene. People also change; they grow older and become more refined. Future garden landscaping designs should take this into account. Sensible garden designs must incorporate multi-use areas. Population in certain areas will also dictate this, as both homes and gardens are becoming smaller.


A Natural Stream ‘The dress should be cut according to the size of the cloth’, the wise say. Every direction, be it material, water or plants, should be investigated. Future gardens can be economically designed according to the desires of our clients. Garden landscape designs will become more executable and affordable. Gardens of the future are investments.

Nature conservation

The current and future generations are more aware of the crisis our planet faces. We are doing our utmost, to save our planet. Many people are leaving their televisions behind and returning back to nature. Future generations should be more tuned into this, as they will follow the example of their parents and others.

Likewise more people are starting to practise ecological gardening. As you take a drive through the neighbourhood, garden signs could be seen saying; ‘all birds, bees and other insects are very welcome!’ Obviously this is not seriously happening but would it not be great if it was.

We all acknowledge water as a vital resource for all life forms. We do treasure and respect it. Many marvellous and aesthetically pleasing garden landscaping designs have been created just using water as a focal point.

Water has a magical magnetic attraction. It has always fascinated man since the beginning, maybe our watery births, baptisms or perhaps just singing in the rain, may rekindle some of the emotions evoked by the precious water within us. Water is going to be the main ingredient for gardens of the future. Water will be more precious than gold, pure water that is. It sustains all life; it is the substance that brings life and beauty to our gardens.

Natural Beauty

What a beautiful world we all live in. Don’t you feel special because it was created just for you? That’s why we copy nature. Future generations will continue to copy it. Beauty is the visual attraction that stirs our souls. Then the rest of our senses follow. They are all just like upright, stacked dominoes that have been knocked over. Immediately we will feel so inspired and uplifted that we can find our facial expressions changing. We feel so much like part of our surrounding environment that we become perfectly immersed.

Waterfall at Botanical Garden

A bright path leads us to the future in Garden Landscaping Design

We should always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is personal taste that matters. Just as each different coloured threads contribute into making a beautiful Persian rug. Just think of all the gardens of the earth making a beautiful mantle or cloak to cover our mother earth.

Some of the patterns on the earth’s rug, are exciting and beautiful, while others are a little dull and boring. But, at the end of the day, the boring gardens enhance the beauty off the pretty ones. The dark threads increase the depth and magnify the beauty of the lighter threads.

In the future, garden designers will be creating a brand new rug. The patterns emerging will be new, interesting, innovative, imaginative, strong, bold, daring and filled with energy, having a tremendous spirit. All the info that can contribute towards making a garden landscaping design successful is available.

New information is also continually been discovered. New materials of different ideas and form will also contribute towards the success and general image, atmosphere, mood and character of our future gardens. Above all, as we return back to nature, we will be inspired and more beautiful gardens will be created. It is something we can look forward to with great ANTICIPATION!!!

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