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Garden Plans to Transform Your Garden
Professional garden plans and landscape designs really work wonders! We have landscaped and adapted some of our show gardens. Our clients love their designed gardens. Copy and adapt our free garden plans to suit your garden. We love designing gardens, and take pleasure in sharing some of our designs with you.

Most of our designs are done for a complete landscaping of the whole property. The whole theme is carried throughout the garden with a stunning effect. But, let’s face it; not everyone can afford to do it all at once. So use one part of our plan at a time, and continue at your own pace, until it is all done.

Free Landscape Design

A Free Landscape Design
Need Higher Quality?

We have described the intended use for each garden plan. This will help you to determine which landscape design is suitable for your home and family.

One last thing before we go to the plans. All the free garden designs on our website may be copied for your use, in your home garden. You may not use any of our designs or parts thereof, for commercial purposes.

Free Landscape Design

Here is an informal garden design for a Moorish styled home. There are large lawns for children to play on, but also enough features to stimulate visual interest.

Patio and Garden design

This garden design is consists of two parts. Each part forms a design in its own right. Together they form a harmonious whole.

Free garden design plan

An ecological garden is separated into different rooms, each with their own unique design.

The front yard landscape design , the backyard landscape design and the courtyard garden design are all linked together by a common theme and style.

Herb garden design plan

We have designed and installed this herb garden design. We have provided all the information and guidance you will need to adapt this garden plan. Download and use this herb garden design plan in your garden.

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