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Trick or Treat Halloween Yard Decorations
Transform your garden using Halloween yard decorations. Make your yard a fulfilled place for your kids and the envy of the neighbors. Use creative ideas to create your unique garden landscape.

Halloween is a fun time of the year. Children will just love to participate. You will have even more fun as you involve your family and transform your yard into a Halloween garden.

Create a Halloween Focal Point

Halloween Yard Decoration Create that strong Halloween focal point around which you could develop your theme and place your Halloween yard decorations. Your focal point should be as large as possible to make that visual impact. You might want to review a few of our garden design principles to get that focal point just right.

We selected a Halloween Scarecrow with pumpkins as a focal point in this particular design. You may choose other Halloween yard decorations as focal points. Some ideas may include a witch and broom, a large spider, a ghost, a skeleton etc.

We constructed the scarecrow using a few bamboo sticks as a framework. Three sturdy bamboo sticks have been tied together approximately 15mm (6in) from their tops to form a tripod. The bottom legs of our tripod were secured to each other using additional pieces of bamboo. The tripod has been securely pushed into the ground to make it sturdy.

A pumpkin was placed between the three protruding bamboo sticks at the top to serve as the head. This has introduced the pumpkin theme for the rest of our garden. Two additional sticks have been tied to the tripod frame to form the arms and shoulders.

Hessian, material, a straw hat and a waistband were used to complete the clothing. The clothing was simply held together using safety pins. Corncobs, small pumpkins and squashes make up the rest of the decorations on our scarecrow. Oh yes, we didn’t cut out the pumpkin to make its face, but rather drew the face on with permanent marker. (It prevented our pumpkin from rotting away prematurely)

Halloween Yard Decorations

Put other Halloween yard decorations in to your garden to develop the theme. We have placed loads of pumpkins around the garden, in groups and as single items. We have also placed rust colored chrysanthemums in the border to integrate the colors of the pumpkins into the garden.

You may also wish to place spider webs, a cauldron, brooms, spiders, bats and other Halloween related items in the garden. Your children will love to participate. You might even use Halloween lawn decorations to extend the theme out of the beds into the whole garden. You will only be limited by your imagination!

Look at our instant flower garden page for some great budget ideas to enhance your Halloween yard decorations.

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