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A Healthy Herb Garden Design Plan for All Year Round
This herb garden design was designed and installed by Southern Inspirations. It is has producing beautiful herbs and vegetables. It has been named “Plentiful”, because goodness is just bursting out of it. The design contains herbs, vegetables, fruit and some annuals.

We provide all the information and guidance you will need to adapt this garden plan. Just download this herb garden design plan and use it for your garden. We have tips for landscaping your herb and vegetable garden design are all over our site. We have really made it easy for you.

Just visit our garden plans page for a overview of the range of downloadable garden designs, or you can learn how to do your own garden design.

Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design Plan
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The Herb Garden Style

This forms part of the formal garden design style. It was placed directly in line with the kitchen door. Everything has been mirrored as required for a formal garden design style. The sundial creates an excellent focal point.

Our client requested that we put a statue in the centre instead of the dial. The statue held up a bird bath. This gives you a few landscaping idea. You may have come up with other exciting ideas for your own garden design.

Herb Garden Described

I selected a sundial as the focal point on the central axis. A sundial is pleasing to the eye. It also encourages people to be aware of the seasons as they change, and the time of day.

The herb garden has been designed using circles around the central focal point. The size of the design can be adapted by increasing or reducing the number of circular beds.

The various vegetables, fruit and annuals can be left out if necessary. You could also plant the design up using different herbs. The design is totally adaptable to your personal needs.

The paths do contain large terracotta tiles. The color blends in well with the natural soil color, and the environment. Chives were chosen (Alluim Schoenoprasum) to plant between the tiles.

The pathways were laid with gravel 5cm thick. The gravel was placed on top of sheets of builders plastic. Drainage holes were made into the plastic. The gravel has been retained with a wooden edging. This contains the gravel and stops it from becoming muddy.

Practice crop rotation to allow this design to be used for many seasons. Crop rotation helps to keep your vegetables and herbs health.

One last thing, don’t forget to use plenty of organic compost. Herbs and vegetables need lots of nourishment. Use companionship planting will reduce pests. Having an organic herb and vegetable garden is healthier.


All the free gardens on our website, including this garden design, may be copied free for your own use, in your home garden. You may not use any of our designs or parts thereof, for commercial purposes.

Download the herb garden design and plant list:

Herb Garden Design (229K)
Herb Garden Plant List (48K)

Once the image loads, just right click on it and "Save Image As" or "Save a Copy" for the PDF files.

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