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An Irrigation System Transforms Your Garden
An irrigation system takes care of your responsibility to watering your garden. Irrigation is critical for proper taking care of your plants. Here is the information you need. Learn how to design your own garden irrigation.

We have designed and installed several successful irrigation systems. There are many practical lessons to be learnt. With time we will teach them to you. Return often to our website to get the latest information. We will be adding more information often to our website.

Important Design Factors

A number of factors will influence the installation of an irrigation design:

  • Garden design
  • Soil
  • Environment
  • Water supply
  • Garden topology
  • Degree of automation
  • Cost
  • Plants
Irrigation SystemDesign gardens and irrigation systems simultaneously to achieve the best result. When designing the garden a lot of thought will go into grouping plants together according to their nourishment and water needs. An irrigation system designed at the same time will add to the harmony with the overall garden design. This takes care of the needs of the plants.

Irrigation design can be quite complex when first starting. Many good intending garden owners, go to the local hard wear and just buy some irrigation equipment and, embark on a do it yourself exercise. There is nothing wrong with this approach if you require a garage full of spare parts, but care should be taken to plan a proper design first.

During the design don’t forget to consider the practical aspects of garden irrigation installation

Site Survey analysis

Conduct a site survey analysis before beginning your irrigation design. This survey is similar to what you will do for a garden design. The differences in your ground levels are more critical for irrigation. The water pressure differences in the water at different levels will have an influence the performance of your sprinklers.

Environmental condition

Environmental conditions like wind and temperature will affect the evaporation of water from your garden. Wind can also affect how the water from the sprinklers is distributed. Watering your plants properly is dependent on the allowances made for the environmental conditions.

Water Requirements

Perform a proper pressure and flow test on your water supply. Water flow and pressure are interdependent of each other. Your water supply will determine how many sprinklers can be operated simultaneously. The more sprinklers you run at the same time, the lower your water pressure will be this cause a lower spray/coverage area.

Operating sprinklers at too high or too low pressure will results in a poor precipitation distribution. You will end up having areas that are not watered properly or too much. This will be pretty obvious on lawns. In the design of the system these factors should be taken into account, and the water system balanced.

Water quality must be compatible with your irrigation installation. When large rotors are used rough straining of the water is sufficient. Better water quality is required for sprinklers, and you will need special filters for micro irrigation. The water holding capacity and infiltration rate of your soil (the rate at which the soil absorbs water) will determine the scheduling and time constraints for irrigation. Your garden will also require different amounts of water in different seasons. Your watering schedule must take this into account.

Installation of the System

Install your irrigation system at the same time as you install the landscaping. You will only disrupt your garden on one occasion. Proper installation of the irrigation will require the digging of trenches for the water pipes and electrical wires. This is best completed after digging over the site in preparation for your plants. Minimum damage will be done to the plants.

Always dig the trenches at the edges of the garden beds. This will allow the sprinklers to be positioned correctly, and will assists in possible future maintenance.

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