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Japanese Garden Design Creates Spiritual Peace of Mind
Japanese garden design concepts were used by us to create an award wining garden design. In the Lifestyle Garden Show our garden won a Gold medal and the sought after “WoW” Award from Elle Decoration Magazine. This design and pictures are now available as a free garden design downloadable later on this page.

Award-Winning Japanese Garden

Our Award Winning Garden Design

Our Oriental Rock Garden Design

This Japanese garden design was divided into 3 parts, the foreground, middle distance and background. The foreground contains the level gravel. Similar gravel can be found in front of the mansion.

Raked gravel is used represents the trials of life. When our life goes smoothly, the gravel is raked in straight lines. When our life is hard it is raked into waves. In general, the gravel is raked straight, but curved around the rocks.

The middle distance does contain a pond with land jutting out from the sides. This helps to increase the spaciousness. The rear of the pond does contain focal points of dry waterfalls, a bridge and rock island.

Rock and Gravel The background consists of an enclosing hill and trees that merge into the hills. This is making use of borrowed scenery. Careful placement of rocks is symbolic of the raging rapids.

The secret for a successful Japanese garden design is to have something in the centre. The centre should never be open.

Significant Plants used in Japanese Garden Design

Mandarin and cherry trees are suitable for your Japanese garden. Design a mandarin and a cherry tree into your concept. The cherry blossom is symbolic of the birth of spring, time is moving on and the seasons are changing. The symbolism is also applicable for your life’s journey.

Use lotus flowers in the water feature. Azaleas are also famous in Japanese gardens. Sacred bamboo, clean cut with woody stems removed are essential for the garden design. This plant will love shade.

Make use of borrowed scenery e.g. your neighbor’s tree, in your design to represent the required hills in the background.

Japanese Garden Design for Free

This Japanese garden consists of three distinct areas. The first is the wooden deck which has integrated the garden with the home. It has thereby introduced the human aspect. It is focused on using natural materials such as wood and bamboo. A stone water basin is placed at your entrance. This will allow visitors to cleanse their, hands, mouth and spirit.

The dry stone garden is used to symbolize the ruggedness and strength of nature. The raked gravel represents our trials of life. The water in our pond reflects the natural landscape, symbolic of the spiritual reflections your visitors will experience. The whole garden is an imitation of nature on a smaller scale. It mimics mountains, lakes and fields and represents life journey of the gardens owner.

As a variation, you may could the wooden deck with a gazebo or pergola. The shelter could provide greater enjoyment of your garden.

Free Japanese Garden Design

Japanese Garden Design Plan
Click on the Image for Larger Version

Plant List for the Japanese Garden Design:
  1. Mixed planting:

    • Ferns, grasses and irises
    • Liriope muscari
    • Rumohra adiantiformis
    • Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Kyoto’
    • Scirpus cernius
    • All season evergreen lawn (instead of moss)
    • Sagina Aurea
  2. Phyllostachys viridi bambusoides ‘Sulphurea’
  3. Pinus thunbergiana
  4. Ficus ‘Natasha’
  5. Nandina domestica pygmaea
  6. Camelia japonica
  7. Azalea
  8. Leptospermum scoparium ‘Cherry Brandy’
  9. Rhaphiolepis ‘Kruschenia’
  10. Acer palmatum ‘atropurpureum’

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