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Koi Fish - Enrich your Garden Design
Maintaining a Koi Pond in your garden adds interest and enriches it. Learn a few of the basics of looking after Koi and so that you can avoid the pitfalls associated with bringing fish into your garden for the first time.

The popularity of fish ponds is steadily increasing, and upon inspection, the reasons become quite obvious. Who would not like living creatures to contribute to the atmosphere their garden? However, the responsibility of fish keeping should not be taken lightly nor overlooked. Koi and goldfish, like any other animals, require love, time, money and care.

The majority of first time fish owners fail because they get the wrong idea that keeping fish is easy in some way. Do not let this discourage you from starting your fish pond, as educating yourself will greatly enhance your chances of succeeding.

Koi Fish Picture The very first step is to firstly incorporate your pond design into your overall garden design. The pond should form an integral part of your garden, and enhance on the garden design principles. The pond layout should complement your garden style and theme.

The Basics First

It is important for you to learn all you can BEFORE you start obtaining the things you need for keeping Koi. This will help you prevent costly mistakes. Planning ahead will not only save you money, but it could potentially save your sanity as well. It is important to learn for yourself the information needed rather then relying on other sources.

People such as your product dealer and pond builder may be a good resource for initial information, but as they are only selling products to you, they may be biased. Your best option is to read all about it on this website. If you are still unsure I recommend a good book on looking after Koi.

Your Koi Pond

You need to create a proper habitat for fish before you purchase your first Koi or goldfish. This is where information from your pond builder and supplier can come in handy. Easy Garden Design helps by providing some essential tips on pond construction. It is a good idea to do some of your own research, before you purchase any materials needed for you pond. When it comes to your pond size the American way: bigger is always better, works.

Koi have the habit of growing rather fast, so you will have to consider pond size round about the same time you are considering how many Koi you wish to keep. Goldfish require less space than Koi, so if you space is limited, rather keep goldfish. They are not as exotic or interesting, but will nether the less provide a lot of satisfaction for a fraction of the cost.

A filtration system is also extremely important. There are 2 types of filtration to choose from, mechanical and biological. Mechanical filtration cleans the pond of solids such as dead algae, insects, and Koi wastes. It is important to have sufficient filtration to sustain the size of the pond, as well as the amount and size of your Koi.

The alternative biological filtration introduces a nitrogen cycle, which removes dissolved wastes from your pond. Without using biological filtration, built up waste will turn into ammonia and will kill your fish within just a short time period. Another consideration is your water quality. It is offen said that having Koi is literally just a side effect of having the proper water quality. To keep Koi alive, you will have to have the proper knowledge on how to maintain your water quality.

Additional information on Koi Fish

Koi fish, or Nishikigoi, are quickly becoming popular for garden ponds. Their various colors and patterns are used to complement the garden theme. Few people know much about their characteristics and origins. Become a better a more informed owner by learning more about this remarkable fish species .    

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