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Magnolia Picture Gallery
This Magnolia picture gallery has free flower pictures for download. The scientific name for each picture is given. Magnolia trees give a spectacular spring flower display.

Magnolia Caerhays Surprise A Magnolia tree makes an wonderful focal point in a garden. It is one of the most beautiful flowering trees in the world. These trees are slow growing, but still deserve a place in all large gardens. They are also suitable for smaller garden designs, provided they are placed correctly.

Magnolia flowers appear on bare stems. Some flowers become extremely large: more than 20cm in diameter! Magnolias enjoy slightly acidic soil. They are grown in sun to partial shade and need to be sheltered from strong winds.

Some species, e.g. Magnolia Campbellii, take up to 30 years to flower when grown from seed. Grafted and budded plants take up to 15 years to flower. Some hybrids like Magnolia Caerhays Surprise only take 7 years.

In most cases, it seems that some patience is needed. We could to plant them for our grand children though. In the meantime we can enjoy a magnolia picture or two.
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