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Planting Strawberries
Grow luscious strawberries by planting strawberries in your containers and herb garden. Growing strawberries successfully can be very easy. The greatest difficulty about growing strawberries is to keep everybody from eating them before you do.

Home-grown, vine-ripened strawberries are the garden's supreme treats- sweet, succulent, and bursting with flavor. You can serve them in shortcakes, blended into smoothies, on ice cream, in cheesecakes or crepes, topped with yogurt or whipped cream, or simply savor them "as is" fresh from your garden. Store strawberries, which are harvested early and ripened off the vine, will not begin to compare in sweetness and flavor.

Planting Strawberries Strawberries can easily be grown in the home garden. Prepare your soil before planting by working in a lot of organic compost. When you are planting strawberries in containers , make use of a good potting soil.

Strawberry plants will grow well in pots, patio planters, even in hanging planters. Just make sure they get sufficient water.

The strawberry plants form foot-wide mounds of lush dark green foliage that can be used as an attractive ground cover. They will require no staking or training, as do larger berries, and only basic care. After planting them, strawberries will spread and continue to produce for four to five years before they need to be replaced.

While there are plenty of varieties of strawberries, there are basically only two different types: June-bearing (Allstar) and Everbearing (Ozark and Quinalt).

The June-bearing strawberries bloom in the spring and produce a bounteous crop that ripens during June. The Everbearing strawberries will produce both a spring and a fall crop, and do continue producing some berries throughout the summer, more when temperatures aren't too excessively hot. For the DIY gardener, planting strawberries of both types can provide a harvest of ripe berries over a longer season.

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