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A family-run business since 1997

Southern Inspirations
Residential Landscape Design - Professional in Every Way
Fancy having a Professionally Designed Garden? Our residential landscape design service will save you time and effort. We offer professional garden design, irrigation system design, garden lighting design, and turnkey landscaping.

Japanese Show Garden Our award-winning designers have designed and installed gardens in Africa, Canada and the UK. They have also designed gardens for clients in the USA. Whatever your needs, we will be happy to oblige.

Our designers apply all the garden design principles discussed on this site and add their award-winning experience and personal touch to produce a beautiful solution for your garden. You can decide how much help you need to get your ideal garden. Generally, most people want to be involved in landscaping their garden. It just adds so much to the enjoyment of the garden afterward.

Key Features of Professional Design Services:

  • Professional High Definition Design (Resolution: 6900 x 9500; Printable up to A2)
  • Artistic Impressions of your Entire Garden
  • A DVD with a virtual Walkthrough of your Garden commentated by the Designer.
  • Installation Instructions: tips and information on how to install your garden.
  • An A3 printout of the completed design.
Note: hand-drawn designs are also available as an alternative to the High Definition Design.

Services Structure:

Gardens up to 0,2 Acres

Professional Package Type
3 Concept Plans 3 Concept Plans 3 Concept Plans
High Resolution Design High Resolution Design High Resolution Design
Complete Plant List Complete Plant List Complete Plant List
Installation Instructions Installation Instructions Garden Care Manual
Irrigation System Design Irrigation System Design
Nightscaping Design Nightscaping Design
Complete Installation
Garden Consultation
$Buy $Buy Price on Application

Larger Garden Sizes

The same features apply as listed for gardens up to 0,2 acres in the respective categories.

Professional Package Type
0,2A to 0,5A $Buy $Buy Price on Application
0,5A to 1,0A $Buy $Buy Price on Application
1,0A to 2,0A $Buy $Buy Price on Application
2,0A + Price on Application Price on Application Price on Application

A Professional Garden Design takes between 16 and 40 hours to complete. As such the designs are reflected in the price.

If you would like a more cost-effective solution, consider our Professional Garden Designs, which are shipped with customization and installation instructions. This complete solution can help you transform your garden at a fraction of the cost.

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