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Rock Garden Design Picture Inspire Landscaping Ideas
Here is a rock garden design picture idea to landscape your garden. Rock gardens take there inspiration from scenes in nature. By viewing the natural pictures you will get landscaping ideas.

Rock Garden Design Inspiration from Nature

These pictures show us how rocks can be found in nature. A rock garden design should strive to mimic nature. Note that there are relatively very few large rocks. The surface consists of randomly scattered large, medium and small pebbles.

The waterfalls are also great for landscaping idea. Note that water falls into a pond at the bottom. In your landscape designs include a pond at the bottom of any waterfall you have built. This is a very convenient place to collect water and to hide the pump.

Rock Waterfall Picture

  Also take note that you cannot see the source of the water at the top of the waterfalls. In your garden design you should also make a point of hiding the outlet of the water pipe.

We have taken a few pictures of rock gardens. The rock gardens all have a peaceful, enduring, solid feel to them.

Designed Garden with Pebble River Rocks Surrounding Container Garden

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