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Rose Garden: Your Garden of Love
A beautiful rose garden will enrich and uplift you. Roses are recognized globally as the flower of love. They have helped to start, build and strengthen relationships and love throughout the ages. The hearts of many have been captivated by Roses. Experience a part of the magic by creating your own heaven on earth, your very own rose garden sanctuary. Your garden could become the envy of your neighbours as they experience your little bit of heaven.

A Quick History Lesson

Rose fossils have been discovered in Europe and the United States. There are literally hundreds of species, ranging from miniature flowers, to giant ramblers. The majority originated from Asia.

Most roses produce just a single flowers, each with a whorl of five beautiful petals. Gardeners have cultivated the roses over the centuries. The double flower was one of the first major development. We now have many high-pointed hybrids.

Rose Garden Flowers

The hybrid tea roses are one of the most popular with gardeners today. They originate from France. Polyanthas also originated from France. They are produced from the Japanese Rosa multiflora crossed with a China rose. The Floribunda roses in turn has developed from these roses. Floribundas have become very popular and hardy shrubs.
In the begging of the 19th century people started separating the rose plants as rose breeding became popular. They were originally planted on their own in a formal design.

Today people are not so ridged; they grow roses all together with other plants. This is an informal and a natural style. It is personal taste and varies from person to person . One of the reasons People decided to put roses with other plants is because for about four months of the year, roses look half dead.

Essential Rose Gardening

Rose Garden Design

Rose garden design can be just as much fun as or more than enjoying a finished landscaped rose garden. Meditate over all the beautiful rose pictures and try to select those just must have plants. Review our rose planting ideas and imagine them bringing the best out of your rose garden.

Growing Roses

Growing roses successfully requires care in planting them in the correct positions. Planting of bush roses and bare-root roses have got special requirements. The use of proper staking of roses, will ensure that the plants will receive support without being damaged.

Caring for Roses

Roses will need special care throughout the year. Roses will need to be dead headed, fed and watered properly. Roses are prone to diseases and pests, but will be healthy with the correct nurturing and care.

Pruning Roses

Following this advice, and with a bit of practice, you will be an expert at pruning roses in no time. Remember to keep to the essential pruning requirements of each type of rose and ensure an abundance of roses and healthy plants.

Enjoying Your Rose Garden

Nothing can beat the joy of strolling through a rose garden. You smell the beautiful fragrance and behold the perfection of exquisitely formed blooms. Make sure you have a garden bench placed looking onto your rose garden to give you the best view.

The rose flowers are the most loved. Roses can make a floral arrangement, and when they dry out not all is lost, you can use the dried petals in pot-pourri. The smell of a rose is believed to lift depression.

Create your own rose face wash

To make a soothing rose fragrant face wash. All you need to do is boil 1 cup of fresh rose petals in 1 cup of water. Once the liquid has cooled strain the pettles. You can pour the liquid into a fine mist spray bottle. Refresh yourself on those summer’s days by spraying some rose mist onto your face.

Create your own rose lotion

Just add two and a half tablespoons of dried rose petals to 400ml of white wine vinegar. Allow the mixture to stand for 2 weeks before staining the petals. Use the vinegar lotion sparingly on any oily spots.

IMPORTANT: Use roses that have not been sprayed with poison!

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