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Where to Buy Natural Insecticides
One thing you should be aware of is that there are unscrupulous salespeople trying to sell natural insecticide over the phone. This has become a problem in Oregon and other states. The salesperson will give a high pressure pitch for a product that may sound interesting to you. Be sure you ask a lot of questions. Tell them you won't buy from them unless they provide you with a label for the product they want to sell you. Nine times out of ten they'll just hang up at this point. If they don't, be wary. If you buy, ask to be billed rather than give out your credit card number.

However, there is no reason to buy natural insecticide from over-the-phone salespeople when there are so many reputable companies to deal with. You can usually find natural insecticide at your local nursery or garden centre.

Major discount store chains are getting into the business of giving advice to go along with the natural insecticide products they sell. Target has the "Ortho Home Gardener's Problem Solver" book available for people to look through as they make their purchases. Wal-Mart also offers advice on pesticides, including natural insecticides, in their garden centers. K-Mart has joined the group with its "bug-finder" charts which offer product choices. With all this help, it's easy to find a natural insecticide for your garden.

If you'd rather shop from home, there are several outlets for natural insecticide on the internet. Eco Safety Products sells many products. They have orange-based and garlicbased natural insecticide. They also have natural desiccant dust that comes in puffer bottles or can be used with an insecticide duster.

Pest Products Online sells an all natural insecticide with pyrethrum and a propionate ingredient. This product is good for crawling and stinging insects. It also sells natural insecticide that is plant oil or boric acid based.

For your pet, an online store called PetEdge sells a natural insecticide called DeFlea. It is good for both fleas and ticks. It sells other natural insecticide remedies for fleas and ticks as well. Orbico Organics sells some of the major types of natural insecticide. It sells Neem products. It also sells products with Rotenone. Some of its products are soap-based.

One popular item is a natural insecticide that contains the spores of the GHA strain of Beauveria bassiana, a bug-killing fungus. It is safe up to the day of harvest. This product seems a little pricey, at $130 per quart. However, a quart will cover an acre.

There are many other online stores that sell natural insecticide. Many of them are just offshoots of physical stores that exist in some part of the country. If you want to talk to someone in person, you can go to a garden centre. There are plenty of choices when it comes to finding a place to buy natural insecticide.

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