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Adventulove - Informal Garden DesignAdventulove - Informal Garden DesignAdventulove is an informal garden plan dedicated to adventurous love. The front garden uses a red brick path that curves, symbolizing the waves in a relationship as your journey together begins. The front beds are also shaped like hearts naturally representing love. As you come out of the back door there is an arched bridge to walk over, these bridges represent the ups and downs we go through in love. The bridges then takes you onto a heart shaped patch of lawn, there are two heart shaped lawn patches, one stepping up overlapping the other, this represents two hearts becoming one. The step up also representing the level that you climb within love to unite your hearts. The fountain represents the life and newness of falling in love, and also the renewing of love. Water from the fountain flows into a stream surrounding the hearts linking them together. All the wooden items in this garden have been designed to be made out of a red type of wood.
Aquarious Semi-Formal Garden DesignAquarious Semi-Formal Garden DesignAquarious is a garden designed for relaxation and entertainment. Aquarious is also suited to homes and businesses near traffic as the sound of the cascading water will drown out the noise. As you enter the front garden there is a shallow pond in front of you with a heavily frosted (for safety) glass bridge. This emulates the feeling of walking on water demonstrating to your mind that anything is possible. It is a great garden to throw a party in, as you and your guests lounge around on the patio surrounded by water, with the sound of water falling from the glass brick wall being lit up by colour changing lights. You will also be able to enjoy the fish ponds as the front of them are made of glass brick, allowing you to see the koi-fish swimming around as you sit and relax whilst enjoying a nice drink.
Back to Nature - Ecological Garden PlanBack to Nature - Ecological Garden PlanNot only does this ecological garden plan welcome nature, but the pattern of the pathways also utilizes the longest possible axis of this garden. Focal Points have been placed at 45 degree angles to create a very exciting and bold layout. This layout enables you to have a better view of the garden and appreciate the wildlife. If is low maintenance as ground covers have been used instead of grass for the lawn.
Bountiful Produce - Vegetable Garden PlanBountiful Produce - Vegetable Garden PlanThis vegetable garden plan was designed for people who enjoy being able to grow their own fruit and vegetables, whilst still having a garden at the same time. Bountiful Produce eliminates the need for having a separate vegetable garden whilst still enjoying the structure of a beautiful garden. This design was also thought of due to the uncertain times we find ourselves in. Being able to walk outside and pick fruit or veg is a great blessing. There are Six main Beds to this garden. The layout lends itself to easy irrigation and collecting produce.
Bubbles GardenBubbles GardenBubbles, bubbles everywhere; only bursting with charm and interest. This is a fun garden, totally unique and very low maintenance. The only maintenance is a bit of composting for the circles. Despite the informal and very unique style of the garden, it is very visually impressive and holds the interest of onlookers.
Buddies Butterfly Garden PlanBuddies Butterfly Garden PlanBuddies Butterfly garden plan not only attracts birds and butterflies, but it is also very pleasing to the eye. The curved paving blends in beautifully with the colorful flower beds. A musical fountain creates a lovely focal point in the entrance, which is after all an integral part of your home - where you receive your guests.
Clouds Angel Garden - Formal Garden DesignClouds Angel Garden - Formal Garden DesignThis formal garden design draws the eye to the angel statuary, designed in a way to resemble clouds. The formal plantings on either side of the garden mirror identical plantings - symbolic of clouds with rounded shapes. The pattern is important to note since vertical lines appear to have movement, and lead the eye to a specific area. The horizontal lines are static and hold the attention of the viewers within the specific area. These important design consideration create a beautifully formal garden that is also visually interactive.
Desert Sun - Ultra Modern Cacti GardenDesert Sun - Ultra Modern Cacti GardenCreated for a hotel, office block or house. This dynamic, ultra modern, strikingly handsome garden captivates the most diverse audiences. NOt only is it a low water requirement, low maintenance design; it also has a strong pre-historic appeal to it. Lighting it up at night brings its majestic, strong appearance to life.
Evelyn Anne's Childrens' GardenEvelyn Anne's Childrens' GardenThis garden welcomes children, it is cheerful, colorful and educational. Every square yard of space has been utilized. It has been designed in such a way as to both entertain the children and sooth the hearts of the onlooking parents. A must have for every home with a young family. Don't forget! Just as your home is decorated room by room, a garden can be divided into "garden rooms" and be designed and landscaped one room at a time. Plants my vary according to personal taste, but just make sure that you follow the rythm and flow of the pattern. Instructions on how to do this are included with this plan.
Four Seasons Oriental - Japanese Garden DesignFour Seasons Oriental - Japanese Garden DesignThis Oriental garden has been designed to blend in with nature. Oriental gardens are used for meditation and relaxation. Every single portion of this garden has symbolic meaning. E.g. the cranes symbolize longevity. The plan material has been carefully selected to represent the four seasons of our lives. The lanterns have been placed so as to light up the pathways at night. Rocks, all hand-selected are placed in well-thought positions to represent boats sailing to paradise island, the heaven rock and other important symbols. The red and black colors in the Oriental garden are symbolic of good luck. Red upturned roofs symbolize the Phoenix in flight. There are many amazing features in this garden, with many more yet to be discovered in the actual design. This garden is also well-balanced according to the principles of Feng Shui.
Puzzling Formality - Formal Garden DesignPuzzling Formality - Formal Garden DesignWhen the word Formal comes into ones mind the first thing that people think about is straightness and exactness. While combining these elements I wanted to create something exciting, a way to keep the formal style whilst still having a sense of fun. Thus puzzling formality was born. The colors where splashed whilst still keeping the structure, I also added a mini maze to make it interesting. There are a lot of circles used to create lines for the eyes to follow which also leads you to other parts of the garden. Flowing water is also used to bring out the excitement. When sitting down there are great relaxing views found in the garden as you enjoy the peace and feelings that are created by the clean cut white and then the exuberance of color that meets your eye.
Roma - Mediterranean Garden DesignRoma - Mediterranean Garden DesignThis Mediterranean garden design could be summed up in one word - simplicity, proving that a garden does not have to be complex to be stunning. Roma combines the beauty of symmetry with the power of perfection to create a breathtaking masterpiece. The planting is typical of that of a formal design. As your guests arrive they will be amazed at the beauty of simplicity. As you walk through the back garden the roman pillars greet you with their bold features. In front there is a stone statue placed beneath an arched hedge with a mirror behind it. On either side the benches await you under an arbor planted with ivy, before them stand large concrete pots with trees in them gently inviting you in.
Special Needs Garden DesignSpecial Needs Garden DesignFor people with special needs who are find it hard to bend down and admire plants, or difficult to maintain a garden. This garden has been specifically designed for people with special needs. The beds have been raised so that it is much easier to do gardening or just enjoy the plants. Healing herbs and fragrant flowers (to lift the spirits) with special colors have been carefully placed to blend and harmonize with key focal points in the design. The therapeutic sound of a water fountain is present to blend in with the surrounding sounds for a soothing effect. The selected colors are for relaxation and harmonize well to gladden the heart and uplift the soul.
Tropawaii - A Tropical Garden PlanTropawaii - A Tropical Garden PlanTropawaii is an indulgent tropical garden plan designed for relaxation. Vacations are great, some of the most fantastic vacations you can have are on beautiful tropical Islands. The Sun peeping through the shade of the palm trees as you sit and enjoy your favorite drink under the shade of a thatched swing bench, as the waterfall drowns out thoughts of reality. Indulge yourself with a swim in the rock pool as the birds cheekily sing or sit under the grand umbrella with your guests as you enjoy a mouth watering barbecue. One works hard for their home, so why not enjoy the feelings of being at a favorite location in the comfort ones very own boudoir? Spectacularly Tropical is Tropawaii's theme.
Zenquillity - Zen Garden PlanZenquillity - Zen Garden PlanThis Zen garden plan was designed for peace and tranquility. Oriental gardens are designed with symbolic meaning. The elements that make up this garden were carefully thought out during the design. The front garden is just gravel, with plants and boulders, the gravel helps to calm and soothe the individual as the gravel gets raked it helps release the tension and anxieties that have been place on us by life. Gravel is raked wavily when times are tough and straight and concise curves when times are smooth. The steppers to the front door are surrounded by gravel with two patches of moss on either side of the path. As one comes out of the house into the back garden there is a deck with cushions and a water basin on each side. Whilst sitting on the main deck you overlook the beautiful pond and water feature offering that relaxing feeling of being surrounded by nature. Whilst enjoying the calmness of the Zen garden you will be able to meditate and reach a state of mental well being.

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