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Special Interest Designs
A collection of Pre-Made Customizable Garden Designs for children or people with special needs; available as downloads or as shippable DVDs.
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Evelyn Anne's Childrens' GardenEvelyn Anne's Childrens' GardenThis garden welcomes children, it is cheerful, colorful and educational. Every square yard of space has been utilized. It has been designed in such a way as to both entertain the children and sooth the hearts of the onlooking parents. A must have for every home with a young family. Don't forget! Just as your home is decorated room by room, a garden can be divided into "garden rooms" and be designed and landscaped one room at a time. Plants my vary according to personal taste, but just make sure that you follow the rythm and flow of the pattern. Instructions on how to do this are included with this plan.
Special Needs Garden DesignSpecial Needs Garden DesignFor people with special needs who are find it hard to bend down and admire plants, or difficult to maintain a garden. This garden has been specifically designed for people with special needs. The beds have been raised so that it is much easier to do gardening or just enjoy the plants. Healing herbs and fragrant flowers (to lift the spirits) with special colors have been carefully placed to blend and harmonize with key focal points in the design. The therapeutic sound of a water fountain is present to blend in with the surrounding sounds for a soothing effect. The selected colors are for relaxation and harmonize well to gladden the heart and uplift the soul.

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